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harness team From left: Wade Grewe, Taj Capozzola, Will Everhart, and Ben Schloesser of Harness Energy

After working with RNRG for more than eight years, Harness Energy knows our products inside and out. Based in Denver, Colorado (U.S.), Harness provides meteorological measurement field services to renewable energy developers and operators across the U.S. and internationally. They specialize in met mast installation and repair, and they have a lot of experience with installing and maintaining RNRG complete systems.

Drew Lepple, RNRG tech services specialist, has worked with Harness on multiple occasions. Speaking about what makes them stand out, he said: “The entire Harness team works well together and feeds off of each other’s positive energy to complete the task at hand. They have an organized installation method that works well for them, and they follow every step with equal importance. Never in a rush so safety is not compromised, Harness Energy asks the hard questions and follows strict procedures to successfully raise RNRG towers.”

In addition to RNRG wind resource assessment systems, the guys at Harness have also installed numerous RNRG SRA Systems. A newer addition to our product line, the SRA System is designed for the early prospecting, formal resource assessment, and performance monitoring of utility-scale PV solar projects. Each SRA System includes everything needed for a measurement campaign (tower, logger, and sensors)—all field-ready and available to ship within days of order placement. What's the result of this complete package approach? The entire system arrives together, at one time, simplifying installation and saving time and money.

Ben Schloesser, director of client relations at Harness, can attest to how easy RNRG SRA Systems are to install, troubleshoot, and maintain: “Every component integrates seamlessly… so we know the SRA System will work reliably each and every time.”

To learn more about the SRA System, contact us at or view the SRA System product page.

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