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Lidar Cellular Service

Simplify your Lidar deployments and monitoring campaigns with cellular service from NRG Systems.

  • Lidar Cellular Service

Configuration Options

Lidars use cellular communications for several vital functions, including remote configuration and troubleshooting, and the delivery of statistical data files and real-time performance data. NRG Systems offers Cellular Service for ZX 300 Lidar campaigns, alleviating the need to arrange cell service through a third-party provider. In addition to saving time and ensuring global coverage, Cellular Service from NRG simplifies the deployment process for new units and rentals as well as monitoring campaigns for fielded units. New Lidar units are preconfigured and tested before shipping directly from our U.S. headquarters, while pre-configured SIM cards are sent to field technicians for Lidars that are already installed.

What is included:
• Global SIM card, with service matching device needs
• Monthly or annual service billing

What is not included:
• Site monitoring
• Data analysis
• Field installation