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Renewable energy measurement products.

Solar FAQs with Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher is NRG’s Senior Product Manager for Solar

What's Happening at NRG

February 17, 2021  |  Blog

CFARS Survey and New Algorithm Support Stand-Alone Use of ZX 300 Wind Lidar in Complex Terrain

A recent survey by the Consortium for the Advancement of Remote Sensing (CFARS), which NRG is a contributing member of, further cemented ZX 300 as one of the most accurate and flexible Lidars available to the wind industry.

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January 7, 2021  |  Blog

NRG Stories: How Renewable Parts Ltd. is Making the Green Energy Sector Even Greener

For nearly 10 years, Renewable Parts, a UK-based supply chain and refurbishment specialist, has been working to improve sustainability in the wind industry.

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December 7, 2020  |  Blog

New ROI Tool Helps Users Assess Value of Bat Deterrent Systems

NRG Systems has developed a tool that will give wind project owners and operators the opportunity to preemptively assess the value of installing ultrasonic bat deterrents on their turbines.

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