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Renewable energy measurement products.

Introducing LOGR-S

NRG’s first data logger designed specifically for the solar energy industry.

What's Happening at NRG

November 5, 2021  |  Blog

NRG and Vortex Team Up to Work Towards 100% Availability of Wind Measurement

Earlier this year, NRG Systems teamed up with Vortex FDC to perform a validation of GapFill – a tool for Vortex's LES product, which provides data when no measured wind is available (or reliable) to characterize mean flow and turbulence.

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October 29, 2021  |  Blog

A Look at the First Bat Deterrent System Trial in Asia

The first trial in Asia of NRG’s bat deterrent technology concluded this July, showing reduced bat activity at two ponds in the Philippines while the system was in use.

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October 12, 2021  |  Blog

NRG Cloud Now Supports Basic Remote Configuration

Version 2021.2 of NRG Cloud introduces basic remote channel configuration, updates to the NRG Cloud APIs, and numerous usability enhancements.

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