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LOGR|Solar Data Logger

The LOGR|Solar Data Logger is a versatile data logging solution, purpose-built for solar resource assessment and monitoring on utility-scale PV plants.

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Configuration Options

The LOGR|Solar Data Logger from NRG Systems is a state-of-the-art data logging solution for pre- and post-construction solar resource measurements. Leveraging decades of data logger design and manufacturing experience, LOGR|Solar features the same user-friendliness that has come to define NRG’s data logger line, optimized for today’s demanding solar applications. This advanced data logger provides the features you need to deliver premium performance at an optimal price point.  


  • Five Counter channels: Simplified connectivity with a wide range of industry-standard sensors. 
  • User programmable outputs: Precise control of external power loads allows you to tailor system-level power consumption to your needs.  
  • Internal data storage: Historical real-time data can be stored at user’s choice of 90 days of 1-second data or 365 days of 1-minute data.  
  • Built-in and optional PV input: Accommodates user’s preferred method for acquiring soiling data by offering a built-in, module-based soiling solution for cost-effective soiling measurements as well as PV input to support the integration of NRG’s IEC-compliant Soiling Measurement Kit  


  • Straightforward configuration via local web application: Navigate to and save channel configurations, update firmware, and check basic functionality without proprietary configuration software. 
  • Flexible communication: Select the right communication option for your project, including configurable Modbus communication protocol for seamless SCADA integration and NRG Cloud integration for automated data delivery, enabling fleet-level monitoring of LOGR|Solar sites
  • Accurate, high-resolution measurements: Analog measurements are recorded at IEC-compliant 1 Hz sample rate. 
  • Firmware is backwards compatible with NRG LOGR-S Data Logger: Firmware updates are available as soon as new features are released and can also be installed on the NRG LOGR-S, extending the lifespan of LOGR-S devices while facilitating an effortless transition to LOGR|Solar.   

LOGR|Solar integrates seamlessly into NRG’s Flare Solar Resource Assessment (SRA) and Solar Resource Monitoring (SRM) Systems. The logger’s modular design can accommodate a project’s unique measurement and communication requirements, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of solar measurement applications. As always, our expert Technical Services team is available to assist with on-site and remote training, installation assistance, and more.  

  • Modular design accommodates unique project requirements
  • Compatibility with industry-leading sensors means LOGR|Solar is flexible enough to support a range of SRA and SRM System configurations 
  • User programmable outputs optimize system-level power consumption  
  • Accurate and reliable data collection for critical measurements  
  • Backwards compatibility makes firmware updates quick and effortless 
  • Integration with NRG Cloud for automatic data delivery