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LOGR-S Data Logger

The LOGR-S Data Logger is an advanced data logging system that is purpose-built for solar resource monitoring on operational utility-scale PV plants.

  • LOGR-S Data Logger
  • LOGR-S Embedded Configuration Software

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LOGR-S is NRG Systems’ first data logger designed specifically for the solar energy industry. Based on decades of data logger development and manufacturing experience, LOGR-S features the same user-friendliness that has come to define NRG’s data logger line, while satisfying the increasing demand for reliable, high-quality solar resource measurements on operating PV plants.

LOGR-S integrates seamlessly with NRG’s Solar Resource Monitoring (SRM) System, allowing users to plug into their plant’s SCADA network with ease. LOGR-S’ modular design can also be adjusted to accommodate a project’s unique measurement requirements. Additionally, LOGR-S features: 

  • compatibility with the most commonly used SRM sensors
  • high-resolution, high-accuracy analog measurements
  • user configuration via Ethernet port to access internal web interface
  • built-in and optional PV input module for soiling measurements
  • configurable serial measurement capability for data acquisition from digital sensors
  • integrated communications capabilities
  • storage capacity for historical real-time data
  • automated delivery of historical data

LOGR-S is supported by our expert Technical Services team who can assist our global customers via in-the-field and remote trainings, installation assistance, and more.

  • High-utility data logger and real-time sensor interface for solar resource monitoring
  • Purpose-built, modular platform delivers straightforward functionality
  • Flexible and scalable design accommodates each project's unique requirements
  • Accurate and reliable data collection for critical measurements 
  • Increased efficiency when installing and integrating environmental sensors into SCADA systems
  • Configuration via data logger's Ethernet port/internal web interface allows users to navigate to and save channel configurations, update firmware, and check basic functionality without proprietary configuration software
  • Modbus client utility is provided to test final configurations to ensure proper operation


We'll let you know when new features are added and keep you posted on other LOGR-S news.

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