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Leverage data collected by NRG products using code from this free, open-source Python library.

  • NRGPy

Please contact to learn more about this service.

NRGPy is a free, open-source repository of Python code to enhance our customers’ ability to interact with data from NRG products. This can be used to jump-start programmatic data analysis and visualization, automation, and more. It provides tools for:

  • Converting binary data files from Symphonie series data loggers, either locally or via API
  • Reading exported text data, including site and channel information
  • Performing quality checks, including a count of intervals in a data set and identification of missing intervals

NRGPy is hosted on Github and the PyPi Python package repository:

Developers are welcome to contribute to the library through the NRGpy Github page, or by submitting questions and feature requests to