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Data Transport Service

Seamlessly integrate data collected by fielded data loggers and remote sensors into existing data processing workflows.

  • Data Transport Service

Configuration Options

Data loggers and remote sensors are typically equipped with one or more default methods for delivering collected data to users (e.g., email, FTP, HTTP, etc.). The Data Transport Service from NRG allows users to customize the way they receive data collected by their fielded devices, making integration into existing data processing workflows more efficient than ever.

With this service, Symphonie series data loggers and remote sensors are configured to send data to NRG, at least in parallel to the delivery to the end-user. NRG then converts and processes the data files before they are transported to the user via one of the following methods:
• FTP (standard or SSH/TLS encrypted)
• Microsoft SharePoint
• Email
• 3E SynaptIQ Platform
• Other (please contact with new requests)

The Data Transport Service can be combined with the API Services from NRG. This allows users to process binary *.RLD files from NRG Systems’ SymphoniePRO Data Loggers and have them delivered via the method of their choice for optimal convenience.

What is included:
• Recipient email address for devices to send data to (if applicable)
• FTP account if required (SSH encrypted)
• Converted and/or raw binary data delivery

What is not included:
• Cellular or satellite connectivity service (must be provided separately)
• Site monitoring
• Data analysis
• SharePoint account
• 3E SynaptIQ service

Customer Service

+1 802-482-2255

Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:00pm Eastern Time (GMT-5)