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Flare SRM System

Monitor the performance of your utility-scale solar PV project with our Flare SRM System.

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Configuration Options

Whether tracking or fixed, mono- or bifacial, 3 MW or 3 GW, NRG is focused on delivering repeatable solar resource measurements across your fleet of projects. From prompt and accurate project bidding support to post-installation training of O&M staff, NRG’s solar solutions span beyond our purpose-built and easy-to-use hardware products. We will tailor the measurement configuration to suit your needs and once finalized, NRG’s lean manufacturing operations excel at producing a consistent, standardized result, project after project.

Anchoring these solutions is our Flare SRM System – a turnkey measurement station for performance monitoring of utility-scale PV projects per IEC 61724-1:2017. Sharing many foundational components with our Flare SRA System, NRG’s approach to SRM involves a thoughtfully designed and integrated system of both original equipment and third-party products and services. The result is a system that delivers accurate, site-specific data including all relevant meteorological and environmental conditions: solar irradiance, module temperature, soiling conditions, and more. Our Flare SRM Sytem is available as a standalone meteorological station or an array-mounted solution.

NRG Systems works with a network of solar professionals to offer a turnkey experience for solar developers. This includes support with the design, manufacture, shipping, installation, and operation of solar resource measurement systems, including the delivery of independent campaign monitoring and finance-grade resource assessment reports.

  • NRG’s lean manufacturing and global supply chain capabilities enable professional, repeatable measurement results across your fleet of projects
  • Integrated system approach translates to simplified procurement, shorter lead times, and more efficient installations and O&M services
  • Backed by global Technical Services Partner Network
  • Technically sophisticated yet easy to use, this system reliably delivers accurate data to the local SCADA network via Modbus TCP

Tower Configuration

  • SymphoniePRO Data Logger
  • Symphonie iPackACCESS | Modbus TCP
  • Two (2) 100 W PV Panels
  • UPS+PV-V2, Power Supply
  • Auxiliary 216 A RPS Battery
  • Soiling Measurement Kit, Clean/Dirty Panels
  • SR30-D1 Pyranometer + Cabling
  • NRG 40C Anemometer
  • NRG 200M Wind Vane
  • NRG BP60 Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • NRG T60 Temperature Sensor
  • NRG RH5X Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Delta-T SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer
  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
  • Installation Toolkit


  • Albedo Measurement Kit
  • SR20 Pyranometer
  • P-SCM -6 to 59mV input
  • Glare Screen, SR20 style
  • 20M SR20 M16 Connector

Array Configuration

  • LOGR-S Data Logger w/ Media Converter
  • SR30-M@-D1 (2)
  • PVT1 Tempature Sensor (3)


  • NRG Full Size Soiling Measurement Kit

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.

Tool Kit | Solar

Tool Kit | Solar

This tool kit includes an assortment of hand tools needed to install an NRG Solar Resource Assessment or Monitoring System.

Symphonie® iPackACCESS - Solar

Symphonie® iPackACCESS - Solar

Integrate real-time meteorological data into your SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system with the iPackACCESS communications module.