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API Services

Access and manage your SymphoniePRO logger data programmatically using NRG’s API options.

  • API Services

Please contact to discuss available options for this service.

API Services from NRG Systems provide a programmatic and OS-independent way for consumers of SymphoniePRO logger data and NRG Cloud to efficiently upload, download, and convert binary *.RLD data files, automating this mandatory workflow step, all in once place. These API Services include NRG’s standard data export formats as well as the ability to customize those formats using NRG Export Configuration (*.NEC) files for SymphoniePRO data loggers.

These services are monitored by NRG Technical Services to ensure continuous availability and compatibility with the latest data logger file formats, which can change in tandem with firmware updates, and new API capability engineered specifically for NRG Cloud account holders.

API Services can now be access through creating an NRG Cloud account at 

Please sign up at to read our API documentation and learn more.

What is included:
• API Access
• NRGPy open-source Python library
• NRG Technical Services support

What is not included:
• Cellular or satellite connectivity service (must be provided separately)
• Data analysis