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Lidar Monitoring Service

Maximize system availability for Lidars involved in campaigns where unexpected downtime could compromise the success of the project.

  • Lidar Monitoring Service

Configuration Options

NRG Systems offers a monitoring service for ZX 300 Lidar systems. This service helps maximize system availability for Lidars involved in critical measurement campaigns by quickly alerting owners or other service providers if their system is not operating as expected.

Systems enrolled in the Monitoring Service will have their status reviewed daily by NRG Technical Services. The following parameters will be monitored:

  • Confirmation of successful data delivery
  • Assessment of data availability
  • Assessment of system verticality

In the case of failure of one or more system health metrics, an NRG Technical Services Representative will inform a designated contact within one business day. The customer may elect to have NRG perform additional investigations and/or repairs of the Lidar. These additional actions, if required, will be the subject of a separate agreement.

What is included?
• Daily review of real-time Lidar status
• Communication of issue within one business day

What is not included?
• Investigation and/or repair of customer Lidar in the case of one or more failed health metrics
• Routine updates or other communication from NRG when system is operating as intended
• Access to a historical record of a Lidar’s system health metrics