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SymphoniePRO® Data Logger - Solar

SymphoniePRO is an advanced data logging system that is purpose-built for the renewable energy professional.

  • SymphoniePRO® Data Logger - Solar

    SymphoniePRO Data Logger | 16-Channel

  • SymphoniePRO Data Logger | 26-Channel

  • 16-Channel Wiring Panel

  • 26-Channel Wiring Panel

  • 26-Channel Wiring Panel

  • SymphoniePRO's intuitive user interface simplifies instrument configuration.

  • The fleet view features site-by-site status information and an integrated map with link to Google Earth.

  • The timeline screen displays chronological site and sensor history, while a QuickView tool generates a time series of individual data files for pre-import quality control.

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Configuration Options


SymphoniePRO is an industrial-grade, low-power data logging system that is specifically designed for conducting resource assessments for the renewable energy industry. With options for either 26-channel or 16-channel wiring panels, the logger's measurement capacity can be optimized as needed. Each channel's statistical values are calculated from continuous 1-second data samples and averaged over a user-selectable interval (10-minute default). Collected data are stored efficiently as binary *.RLD files on internal Flash memory with a redundant copy on an external SD card, if installed.

Data are transferred and the system is powered via our line of Symphonie iPackGPS communication and power modules, which only require a firmware upgrade for compatibility with the new data logger. In addition to SMTP email data delivery, SymphoniePRO allows remote, real-time connection capability over our MetLink protocol for tasks like automated or manual data download, firmware upgrades, live data viewing, or configuration changes.

The SymphoniePRO Desktop Application is a modern and intuitive PC software package used to process raw data files as well as configure and communicate with the SymphoniePRO logger and iPack. SymphoniePRO Desktop Application keeps track of site data and produces versatile tab-delimited text files (ASCII) compatible with industry-leading software. Additionally, the software allows the user to view “live” data, apply firmware updates to loggers and iPacks, and preview data files in time series format.

SymphoniePRO also integrates with NRG Cloud, an intuitive web interface that allows users to retrieve, store, and share data from anywhere. Once connected to NRG Cloud, SymphoniePRO can be configured remotely, and users can adjust site settings without a static IP.


Even with significant advancements in capability and flexibility, SymphoniePRO continues and improves on the Symphonie legacy as a data logger that is simple to use—offering everything you need and nothing you don’t.


True to the Symphonie name, SymphoniePRO requires limited peripherals and is simple to assemble, guaranteeing fast and easy field installations, every time.

  • Symphonie iPack modules enable both reliable remote communications and autonomous power.
  • 16-channel and 26-channel wiring panel options allow for measurement capacity to match campaign needs.
  • Large field wiring panel with integrated bracket mounts quickly and is easily accessible.
  • Color-coded label and dedicated terminals for every wire help ensure mistake-free wiring.
  • Smart mounting bracket system speeds physical installation and maintenance of the logger and iPack pair.
  • USB connector enables easy configuration via PC.
  • Logger LCD and keypad with menu-driven navigation are easy to read in all light conditions for real-time data and configuration information.

SymphoniePRO Desktop Application is engineered to work seamlessly with SymphoniePRO data loggers to configure equipment, process data, and manage your fleet of measurement stations.

  • Integration with NRG Cloud improves remote access to project equipment and data.
  • No complex programming required–instrument configuration is performed via a USB-connected PC running SymphoniePRO Desktop Application.
  • Efficient binary *.RLD files from the logger scale to fit your configuration and budget.
  • SymphoniePRO Desktop Application processes data into versatile tab-delimited text (ASCII) files for further analysis in third-party software.
  • Delivery of raw data means you can always re-scale and re-export data during processing.
  • Multiple-language support–easily select your language of choice (English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Chinese).
  • Fleet management is made easy, including:
    • Fleet view with site-by-site status information, connection status, and integrated map with link to Google Earth;
    • Site database and sensor history via Timeline—a chronological view of data files, events, communications, and sensor configurations;
    • Automation of file download, import, and firmware uploads to logger and/or iPack;
    • Repeatable configurations with equipment configuration (*.LGR) files, which can be saved and re-used over and over;
    • Multiple data delivery options and real-time, bi-directional MetLink communication capability that enables live data viewing for site health checks, configuration changes, and firmware upgrades.

State-of-the-art technology delivers accurate measurements and provides the freedom to perform advanced studies with your preferred configuration.

  • 26+ channels provide ample capacity for typical resource assessment campaigns or special projects alike—including 12 counter, 14 analog, and two RS-485 ports.
  • User-selectable averaging interval (10-minute default) allows you to record data at the optimal rate for your application.
  • IEC-compliant 1 Hz sample rate with optional storage of 1 Hz sample data by channel—facilitates advanced studies like wind turbine site suitability or ramp rate studies for the integration of utility-scale projects on small grids.
  • Design is compatible with a wide array of industry-standard and specialized devices so your measurement campaign’s design is not limited by your data logger.
    • Counter channels and built-in analog channels include native compatibility with industry-standard sensors – no peripherals required;
    • SymphoniePRO Signal Conditioning Modules (P-SCMs) customize analog input circuitry to optimize measurements for third-party analog devices;
    • Two RS-485 ports each support full or half duplex communication with smart sensors like ultrasonic wind sensors.
  • Our line of Symphonie iPack options allow your SymphoniePRO Data Logger to cover the full range of renewable energy applications from any location, worldwide.
    • Cellular: 2G (GPRS) or 3G GSM, CDMA
    • Satellite: Inmarsat BGAN M2M
    • SCADA: Modbus TCP via iPackACCESS
  • Accurate, high-resolution analog measurements via 16-bit ADC for all meteorological sensors virtually eliminate measurement quantization error.
  • Differential inputs on P-SCM channels improve the measurement of small signal sensors, isolating signal from ground noise.
  • Three-second gust is recorded on each wind speed channel in addition to min and max 1-second samples.
  • Configurable dead-band compensation allows for more accurate wind direction data from a wider array of sensors.
  • Extensive meta data are collected, including logger diagnostics, communications information, and events—facilitating intelligent site and fleet management.
  • Collected data are stored reliably and securely with:
    • Redundant storage on internal Flash and industrial-rated SD card;
    • Logger access PIN, preventing unauthorized access (optional);
    • 128-bit file encryption (optional);
    • SymphoniePRO Wiring Panels, providing channel-by-channel surge protection, tested to IEC-61400-4-5;
    • Accurate and reliable time-keeping with Lithium battery-backed real-time clock. Integrated GPS automatically provides current location information and GPS time synchronization in addition to SNTP internet time server time sync.


We'll let you know when new features are added and keep you posted on other SymphoniePRO news.

Customer Service

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