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How have wind direction / wind vane measurements changed with SymphoniePRO?

  • The deadband can be specified for any connected wind direction vane. For example, if a vane has deadband of 4 degrees centered on the vane “North” mark, this information can be entered as 2 East and 2 West, and the logger will scale the measurements accordingly.
  • Vanes with no deadband that short at the North mark can be connected to SymphoniePRO without any special settings required.
  • A new parameter called the “vane mounting angle” has been added which accounts for the vane “north” position relative to the boom it is mounted on. The wind direction is calculated accounting for both the boom orientation and the vane mounting angle. Default settings assume the vane north mark is pointed at the tower as the majority of users tend to use this configuration. If the vane’s north mark is not pointed at the tower, the vane mounting angle will need to be adjusted by the user accordingly.


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