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What happens when the SymphoniePRO’s internal memory fills?

When the internal Flash memory fills, it will wrap around to the beginning and start overwriting existing data. If the data has not been removed from the logger before the wraparound happens, the only way to get data is from the SD card. As an example, when using 10 minute statistical data and a typical wind resource sensor configuration, the internal memory can store over 5 months of data before it wraps. If no SD card is installed, the data would need to be retrieved prior to wraparound, either remotely or on site.

Important: When using 1 Hz sample data collection mode, each one second sample is stored and the internal memory can fill in just a matter of days. Whenever using sample data storage mode, it is recommended that a high capacity SD card is installed in the logger to prevent data loss. NRG offers an industrial-rated 2GB SD card for this application.

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