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NRGDatamail Service

Add secure sender’s email functionality to your Symphonie data loggers.

  • NRGDatamail Service

Configuration Options

NRGDatamail is an email service from NRG Systems that provides sender’s email functionality for Symphonie data loggers, alleviating the need to maintain your own secure email server. NRGDatamail email servers are fully certificated with DKIM, SPF, and DMARC registration, meaning emails from NRGDatamail accounts are treated with high priority by relay and recipient servers, such as Office365, Gmail, and Yahoo!. NRGDatamail can be combined with Data API and Data Transport services to provide a fully integrated data delivery service.

What is included:
• One email account
• Support from NRG Technical Services

What is not included:
• Cellular or satellite connectivity service (provided separately)
• Data storage (all data is passed through NRG servers, but not stored by NRG)
• Site monitoring
• Data analysis