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Product Repairs

Use these services to repair a variety of NRG products.

  • Product Repairs

Please contact to discuss available options for this service.

NRG provides repair services for a range of products, including some that are not originally manufactured by NRG, such as the ZX 300 Wind Lidar. NRG repair options increase the lifetime of your measurement assets, ensuring that our customers get maximum value from their equipment. All repairs are performed at NRG's headquarters in Hinesburg, VT, USA, by our team of qualified technical experts.

Lidar Repairs

Lidar repair options for both the ZX 300 Wind Lidar and the NRG Spidar Vertical Profiler include all major routine service needs, general inspection and update to the latest firmware/software version, and several validation options to confirm Lidar health post-repair.

Data Logger Repairs

Repair options for the SymphoniePRO Data Logger and Symphonie iPacks range from a basic check-up and upgrade to the latest firmware version, to minor fixes to components such as the wiring panel or PCBs, up to complete instrument rebuilds.

Sensor Repairs

Sensor repairs are available for the Hybrid XT Anemometer and Wind Vane, the NRG S1 Anemometer, and the Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer, including cup and bearing replacement options.

Contact NRG Technical Services at for more information about NRG’s repair services or to request a quotation.