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Sensor Calibration Service

Use these services to recalibrate anemometers available from NRG.

  • Sensor Calibration Service

Please contact to learn more about the options available for this service.

Calibration of sensors both before and after a measurement campaign is a common practice that seeks to minimize measurement uncertainty.

We offer pre- and post-installation calibration services for the NRG Class 1 AnemometerNRG 40C AnemometerHybrid XT AnemometerNRG IceFree3 Heated AnemometerWindSensor P2546-OPR Anemometer, NRG S1 Anemometer, and Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer. Anemometer calibrations are available from a variety of MEASNET accredited wind tunnels in accordance with IEC (61400-12-1) and ISO standards.

For recalibrations of other types of meteorological sensors (barometric pressure, relative humidity, temperature, solar, etc.), please contact us at for more information.