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NRG R2 Pyranometer

The NRG R2 is a class A pyranometer that provides highly accurate solar irradiance data at an extremely competitive price.

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NRG expands its industry-leading line of resource assessment sensors with the NRG R2, a spectrally flat class A pyranometer that brings significant upgrades to the innovative design of the NRG R1 Pyranometer, balancing high accuracy with low cost.

R2 is compliant with ISO 9060:2018 and has a thermopile design that features two concentric domes for optimal insulation from wind and dust, reducing sensitivity to thermal irradiance, protecting spectral sensitivity, and providing optimal measurement stability. R2 also features a protection screen to resist UV solar radiation.

New in the R2:

  • Improved response time: With a response time of less than 5 seconds, far exceeding industry standards, the R2 provides superior measurement accuracy and system performance for better understanding of short-term variations and optimal real-time monitoring.
  • Industry-leading temperature response: With a temperature response of +/- 0.5 %, this improvement equates to best-in-class measurement stability, corrected temperature-dependent errors, and improved data output.
  • Sturdier, user-friendly mounting solution: An integrated tilt sensor with exposed bubble level guarantees precise alignment, streamlined installation, and continued accuracy. The R2’s ability to ensure both precise initial installation and sustained positioning over the longer term sets it apart from other Class A sensors.
  • Internal diagnostic sensors: Pressure, temperature, and relative humidity are monitored to optimize sensor performance, swiftly detect environmental impacts, predict maintenance, and maintain confidence in data integrity and compliance. This robust sensor suite contributes to R2’s competitive advantage thanks to its unwavering dependability.
  • Enhanced cosine response: Accurate measurements under varying angles allow for reliable data for system performance analysis.


The R2 is fully supported throughout NRG’s solar product offerings including seamless integration with the LOGR|Solar Data LoggerSymphoniePRO Data Logger, and Flare SRA and SRM Systems. Each NRG R2 Pyranometer comes with an ISO 9060-certified calibration report including sensitivity, directional response, and temperature dependence characterization and validation. 

The NRG R2 is available with digital output via Modbus RTU as well as analog output. 

  • Best-in-class response time makes R2 an ideal choice when responsiveness, precision, and timely decision-making are essential for success
  • Sturdy, user-friendly mounting solution simplifies and promotes effective installation
  • Integrated inclinometer ensures precise alignment
  • Internal monitoring of sensor’s key functions provides confidence in data integrity
  • Compatibility with NRG’s suite of solar solutions
  • Expected life span of greater than 10 years
Mounting Plate | Pyranometer, Gen II

Mounting Plate | Pyranometer, Gen II

Secure the latest industry-standard pyranometers to our tubular solar mounting booms using this simple yet effective mounting plate.