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NRG 40 Blog

NRG Systems turns 40 this year. We began as a small company making wind measurement instruments out of a garage in Vermont. Today. we offer hardware, software, and services for all stages of utility-scale wind and solar development.

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The following poster presentation was part of the WindEurope 2022 Annual Event. Presented by NRG's Lead Data Scientist, Alexandra Arntsen, Ph.D., the poster focuses on the work NRG Systems has done alongside Vortex to create a unique solution to augment remotely sensed data from direct-detect Lidar with that from a large eddy simulation (LES).

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Earlier in 2021, NRG Systems spent some time with Brittany Stamps, a graduate research assistant studying Wildlife Ecology at Texas State University. Brittany answered questions about her research that focuses on evaluating thermal video of different bat species and their acoustic responses to ultrasonic acoustic deterrent stimuli.

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