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Lesser long nosed bat feeding on an Agave flower

Bruce Taubert has been photographing the natural world and its inhabitants for more than 30 years. Among his frequent and favorite subjects are bats.

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SS 3

Renewable NRG Systems recently introduced a Soiling Measurement Kit specially designed to help PV developers and operators obtain the information needed to quantify the site-specific impacts of soiling on prospective and current PV projects.

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IMG 7127

In early January, technicians from Ventus and Consertek Telecom Inc braved the cold to attend a two-day electronics training at RNRG's Vermont headquarters.

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iStock 000009593929 Large

Did you know that RNRG offers recycling service for all products we manufacture and resell? The service, which is offered at no cost, is handled by our standard Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process.

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Thanks to its ongoing dedication to promoting health and wellness among employees, RNRG has been chosen to receive the prestigious Governor’s Excellence in Worksite Wellness Award for the fourth time in six years.

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Wind Turbine

Women working in STEM fields have historically faced myriad challenges, but as colleges aim to empower their female students and businesses look to diversify their workforces, the fight against gender bias is on.

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