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Around this time last year, Renewable NRG Systems set a goal for ourselves and our industry of eventually powering our planet with 100% renewable energy. When we put these words down as our corporate vision, we knew clearly that it was the right goal, but we honestly had no sense for how and when we might collectively get there.

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Drew RNRG stories video

Drew Lepple, tech services specialist and tower expert extraordinaire, has worked at RNRG for a decade, and in that time, he's gained a deep understanding of RNRG products—from how they're built to how they're deployed in the field. We followed Drew for a day to see how he brings his breadth of knowledge to helping RNRG customers around the world.

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harness team

After working with RNRG for more than eight years, Harness Energy knows our products inside and out. Based in Denver, Colorado (U.S.), Harness provides meteorological measurement field services to renewable energy developers and operators across the U.S. and internationally.

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