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Lidar Validations

Verify ZX 300 system performance before or after a measurement campaign.

  • Lidar Validations

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NRG Systems offers two validation services to verify system performance before or after a measurement campaign for ZX 300. Both services are essential for customers requiring a traceable record of Lidar accuracy and performance, especially where on-site validation against a reference measurement may be impractical or impossible.

Lidar-to-Lidar Validation

Lidars enrolled in a Lidar-to-Lidar Performance Validation are tested alongside one of NRG’s “golden” reference Lidars for a period of 10-20 days, depending upon atmospheric conditions. ZX 300s are tested against a Windcube V2. The reference Lidars are periodically calibrated against an IEC-compliant met mast maintained by independent consultancies. They are also routinely compared to new Lidar systems as an ongoing performance check of both the new Lidars and the reference Lidar.

This service is performed at NRG’s facility in Vermont, USA. NRG will work with Lidar users to select convenient testing partners outside North America when required.

What is included?
• Basic functional system check
• Performance validation against NRG reference Lidar
• Validation report issued following the measurement comparison period

What is not included?
• Shipping cost of customer Lidar to and from NRG’s facility
• Investigation and/or repair of customer Lidar in the case of one or more failed performance metrics

IEC-compliant Performance Validation

Lidars enrolled in IEC-compliant Performance Validation are tested alongside a 100+m met tower, outfitted with IEC-compliant side mount booms and class 1 anemometers, for a period of at least 4 weeks. Extensions are sometimes required due to local wind conditions.

The test is performed at a third-party facility maintained by a reputable wind energy consultancy. NRG partners have existing facilities available in the USA, Canada, and Germany. NRG will locate a test site closer to your project location if the existing options are not geographically feasible.

A verification report will be provided by the host consultancy following the test, documenting the system’s performance in accordance with IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 (2017) Annex L. This is especially important when conducting power performance tests using Lidar and short met towers.

What is included?
• Two-way cost of shipping (North American test sites only)
• Commissioning of Lidar at test site and any required field interventions
• Data delivery and quality/plausibility checks
• Quality, IEC-compliant met mast data collocated with Lidar for test duration
• Evaluation of results according to IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 (2017) Annex L
• Preparation and delivery of performance verification report
• Sample reports available upon request

What is not included?
• Investigation and/or repair of customer Lidar in the case of one or more failed performance metrics
• Shipping costs (sites outside North America)
• Incremental cost of campaign extensions