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WindSensor P2546-OPR Anemometer

The WindSensor P2546-OPR anemometer combines class 1 performance with unrivaled durability.

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Configuration Options

Originally designed for marine environments, the P2546-OPR is ideally suited for wind resource assessment and power performance studies both onshore and off.

There are three versions of the P2546-OPR sensor: the P2546C-OPR (coil version), the P2546D-OPR (electronic version) and the P2546A-OPR (reed switch). Both versions of the sensor are fully compatible with all Symphonie series data loggers. However, NRG discontinued sales of the P2546A-OPR Anemometer as of July 2017 due to restrictions related to its mercury content. You will need to use when connecting more than six anemometers to a ; please see the table below for details. These sensors can also be integrated seamlessly with our .

Signal Conditioning Module Compatibility
Sensor Model Symphonie Logger Model Signal Conditioning Module
P2546A-OPR SymphoniePLUS3 and older SCM #3151 | Digital Anemometer
  SymphoniePRO None required
P2546C-OPR SymphoniePLUS3 and older SCM #3148 | Coil Anemometer
  SymphoniePRO None required
P2546D-OPR SymphoniePLUS3 and older SCM #3148 | Electronic Anemometer
  SymphoniePRO None required

Note: The P2546A-OPR contains 40mg of mercury and is no longer available for sale from NRG. We will reclaim and recycle the P2546A-OPR for our customers at no cost. For more information, please read our Recycling Return Policy.

  • One-piece rotor anemometer head (OPR)
  • Durable construction with anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • Low threshold speed
  • Low distance constant
  • Negligible overspeeding
  • Angular response independent of wind speed
  • Fully tested temperature performance
  • Symmetrical geometry
  • No external power source
  • MEASNET calibrated
Boom Extensions

Boom Extensions

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