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How do I test a WindSensor P2546A Anemometer?

WindSensor Test Instructions

Tools Required:

  • Digital voltmeter (DVM)

Instructions (WindSensor P2546A cups NOT spinning):

  1. Disconnect the WindSensor from the data logger.
  2. Set your digital volt meter to the 2K ohm scale.
  3. Measure the resistance between the White wire (+) and Brown Wire (-) -- cups NOT spinning.
  4. A reading of either .OL (Open Loop) or 0.330 nominally (or 330 ohms). Slowly move the cups and stop once you get a reading. Note: the digital volt meter will give a higher reading if the cups are spinning, you want to do this extremely slowly and stop every time you get a numerical reading. It should settle around 330 ohms when the cups are not moving.
  5. In a single 360 degree rotation of the head, you should see the sensor switch from .OL to 330 ohms to .OL to 330 ohms. Since this is reed switch anemometer, these are the pulses that the logger is reading.


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