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NRG Systems Hybrid XT Turbine Control Sensors

Hybrid XT installation.

As the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit winds down and federal returns continue to shrink, the sooner you repower your turbine fleet, the better. For those installing new nacelles, NRG Systems’ Turbine Control Solutions give you the wind speed and direction data you need to have confidence that your revitalized turbines are operating as they should.

Our Hybrid XT sensors are available as complete retrofit kits for GE, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Gamesa turbines and offer users:

  • All-weather performance and durability for increased turbine uptime
  • Industry-leading heating elements prevent ice buildup on sensor body and head for superior turbine availability in icing climates
  • Dirt and dust-resistant bearings for extended life
  • NRG’s two-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • 10-year service intervals
NRG Systems Windcube Lidar

Obtain hub height measurements with a Windcube Vertical Profiler and 80m tilt-up tower.

Once your repowered fleet is up and running, NRG’s Windcube Lidar + tilt-up tower bundle is ideal for low-cost, re-deployable power performance testing. Our 80m towers and Windcube Vertical Profilers are IEC-compliant and make obtaining hub height measurements easier than ever. We also offer a range of services for worry-free Lidar operation in all climates and terrains.

Want to connect about your repowering campaign? Contact our sales team by email at sales@nrgsystems.com.

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