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NRG Systems, a leader in Lidar technology, established our ZX Lidars Service Center in 2019. We are the only authorized third-party service center for ZX Lidars in the world. As NRG-supported, ZX Lidars-based campaigns continue to proliferate across the globe, our premier service center, and the dedicated team behind it, offers our customers unparalleled support that prioritizes ease, efficiency, and overall project success.      

Comprehensive Support for All Generations of ZX Lidars

NRG supports ZX 300 for onshore vertical profiling applications, ZX 300M for near-shore or platform-based offshore campaigns, and legacy ZephIR-branded models. This inclusive approach ensures that regardless of the model or application, all ZX Lidars units receive the highest standard of service, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Services and Validations Ensure Optimal Operation

At the heart of the ZX Service Center's offerings is a suite of services designed to maximize Lidar performance and reliability. This includes an inspection and update service that provides a comprehensive health assessment and free software updates. The Service Center also facilitates validations against offsite, IEC-compliant met towers through independent, third-party options, providing an extra layer of assurance in the data's accuracy and reliability.

Simplified Logistics for Peace of Mind

NRG’s logistics service manages the safe transportation of customer units to our Vermont headquarters for a flat fee within the contiguous 48 states. This saves considerable time and money and eliminates the need to navigate complicated export regulations. We also offer standby units for warrantied Lidars being serviced or repaired, ensuring continuous operation and seamless data collection while your Lidars are out of the field.

A Hub of Dedication and Expertise

The team at NRG’s ZX Lidars Service Center is comprised of some of the wind industry’s most experienced Lidar professionals. From in-house maintenance insights to onsite training sessions and real-time support, the Lidar team's technical prowess and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure measurement success and peace of mind, no matter what phase your campaign is in.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Apex Clean Energy, one of the United States’ largest clean energy developers, has worked with NRG to acquire and deploy several ZX Lidars across the United States. They have utilized NRG’s ZX Lidars Service Center for a range of services, including post-pressurized transport calibrations, hands-on trainings, and repairs, including total optical kit replacements. Evan Carr, Apex’s Measurements Coordinator, said, “NRG’s commitment to delivering high-quality work and their emphasis on relationships has made this a true partnership. Whether a considerable repair or minor update, their team is responsive, talented, and communicative throughout the process, and they go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience—hosting Apex at the NRG Service Center for a close view of maintenance work and visiting our headquarters to assist with trainings for our asset management team.”

As the only authorized ZX Lidars service center of its kind globally, we are proud to set a gold standard in the industry, empowering wind energy professionals to capture the accurate, reliable data essential for advancing our understanding and utilization of wind resources. To learn more about our Lidar offerings and services or for a consultation on how NRG can help optimize your wind campaigns, contact sales@nrgsystems.com.

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