December 8, 2015 | Engineering + Technology, Solar Resource Measurement, Wind Resource Assessment

RNRG will soon release an updated version of SymphoniePRO Desktop Application, Version 1.2. For the uninitiated, SymphoniePRO Desktop Application is a free desktop software application that accompanies our SymphoniePRO® Data Logger - Wind, with key functions including equipment configuration, fleet management, and data processing. Version 1.2 of SymphoniePRO Desktop includes various incremental improvements over the previous version. Below is a preview of new features:

Language Support

In addition to English, SymphoniePRO Desktop Application now supports Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese language display, which can be found under File > Settings > Language (shown below).

v. Feat Language Support

Reports Tab with Site Summary Report

The first of several types of reports to be available in SymphoniePRO Desktop Application, Site Summary Report tabulates monthly or custom period statistics for a given site. It is exportable either as an image (TIFF) or PDF document.

v. Feat Reports Site Summary

Automated Software + Firmware Notifications

As we work to make new features and enhancements available through both software and instrument firmware, we want to make sure you are notified of any changes. This feature allows SymphoniePRO Desktop Application to check RNRG’s website for the latest software and firmware versions, notifying you when your versions become out-of-date. You then have the option to view release notes, download those updates through SymphoniePRO Desktop Application, and subsequently implement them on your schedule.

v. Feat Update Notifications

Function Key Shortcuts in QuickView

Function key shortcuts have been added to change the view in QuickView.

v. Feat F Key Shortcuts

Various other improvements are included and will be detailed in the release notes, which can be found on the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application download page. Version 1.2 will be posted there soon, and we’ll send out another announcement when that happens. Beyond that, we have plenty more feature releases planned for 2016, so stay tuned for more SymphoniePRO updates coming soon.

Editor's Note: Version 1.2 is now available - download now.