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Your Local Energy Experts

In June, several of our dealers flew to Vermont for a multi-day training event. It was a whirlwind week, taking trainees from the manufacturing floor, to the technical services department, to the fields outside. Attendees deepened their knowledge of everything RNRG with the goal of bringing that expertise back to their customers in countries around the world.

As RNRG’s markets have expanded into more than 150 countries, so too has our network of dealers. Located on every continent, RNRG dealers have the regional knowledge to help guide customers through each stage of their renewable energy project—from choosing the right equipment for their climate to sorting out local regulations. What our dealers learn also feeds back into our product development cycle, enabling us to deliver instruments that are carefully designed for our users' needs.

During our June training event, we caught up with two RNRG dealers—Florencia Tilk Larrañaga from Ventus (Uruguay) and Jan Borchgrevink from Nordteco (Costa Rica). Here's what they had to say about being RNRG dealers:

RNRG Stories | Florencia Tilk Larrañaga

RNRG Stories | Jan Borchgrevink

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