September 4, 2018 | Engineering + Technology

SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (SPD) version 3.5 has arrived! Below are some of the highlights:

  • New reports!
  • T60 Temperature Sensor support
  • Export Configuration updates
  • Improvements to encryption password handling

New to the Reports tab of SPD are Time Series, Wind Rose, and Frequency Distribution options. These new reports allow for convenient visualization of measured data directly within the desktop application. Configure, load, and save these reports in the document format of your choosing in order to include exported images in a more comprehensive report.

NRG T60 Product

T60 Temperature Sensor

T60 Temperature Sensor Support

Also new in v.3.5 is built-in support for the new NRG T60 Temperature Sensor. Like other default sensor options, selecting the T60 from SPD’s channel configuration drop-down menu automatically loads the correct settings for fast measurement setup. See the T60 product page on our website to learn more about what NRG’s next-generation ambient temperature sensor has to offer.

Export Configuration Updates

Building on the export customization options enabled in previous SPD versions, v.3.5 now provides for the ability to customize column headers in the SymphoniePRO ASCII .txt file data export. Options for column header configuration include the default, a simplified version, custom text strings based on the configured sensor description, or place holder columns if your downstream process expects additional columns. For help with .NEC files or to learn more about how export configuration may be of use to you, please reach out to our sales or technical services teams.

Encryption Password Handling

iStock 655824658 lockLast but not least, we have improved the way SPD handles data encryption passwords to save valuable time in accessing and working with collected data. At NRG we take customer data security very seriously, but we also recognize the importance of being able to conveniently access that data. Our users recently helped us identify an opportunity to eliminate multiple password entries for the same site both in viewing encrypted *.RLD files via QuickView and when importing them into the main application.

As always, please contact our team with feedback, requests, or questions related to the SymphoniePRO platform. We welome your input and look forward to continuing to improve your experience!