September 26, 2017 | Engineering + Technology

We are excited to share the latest version of our Desktop Application for the SymphoniePRO Data Logger. This release, version 3.1, introduces exciting new functionality as well as performance improvements. Below are some of the highlights:

Support for Upcoming Products

Among the changes included in version 3.1 are support for two upcoming products from NRG:

NRG 4GLTE Callout2

iPack GPS

NRG Systems 200M Wind Direction Vane

200M Wind Direction Vane

1. Symphonie iPackGPS | GSM, LTE-TDD

This new 4G LTE iPack utilizes a modem compatible with TDD type LTE networks which are on the rise. This new model enables remote data logger communications wherever 4G LTE-TDD cellular coverage exists. Please contact our sales team with any questions.

2. NRG 200M Wind Direction Vane 

With the addition of a new channel type called “wind vane with offset,” SymphoniePRO Desktop Application now supports configuration of wind vanes requiring sensor-specific scale and offset configuration. This includes a new wind vane from NRG, the 200M Wind Direction Vane, which we will be previewing at AWEA’s Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Conference this week in Snowbird, UT, as well as at several other conferences this fall. Stay tuned as more details about the 200M will be coming soon. 

Fleet View Export

FV Export composite

As an enhancement for users with large fleets of measurement towers, it is now possible to export the site list from Fleet View to a *.txt file which can easily be viewed and manipulated in Microsoft Excel. This is useful for those interested in sorting and managing their list of sites outside of SymphoniePRO Desktop.  


Expansion of Export Configuration Functionality 

NEC expansion composite

We recently introduced in version 3.0 the ability to customize the measurements export by allowing users to suppress the 3-sec gust statistic from wind speed channels. This is accomplished by saving XML formatted NRG Export Configuration (*.NEC) files into the "C:\Users\...\Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\NEC" folder. Once saved there, a new export type appears in the list of available exports under Site Utilities Data Export "save as type". NEC exports are also available using command line mode when the export template file name is specified through the use of *.NEC files. Version 3.1 enables greatly expanded export configuration functionality including: 

  • Exporting with timestamps displayed in UTC (as opposed to the default of logger local time)
  • Omission of the header section from an export file
  • Omission of column headers from an export file
  • Custom arrangement of channel order
  • Custom arrangement of column order for any channel organized by channel type

An example configuration file is included in the installer for version 3.1 and users can save as many different copies as they wish in order to create additional, repeatable export configuration options.

And more!

Other improvements include adding the sensor wiring diagram from our manual to the Channels tab, removing the one year limitation on data exports, and more! You can find a complete list of the improvements included in this version by viewing the release notes. These are accessible either through SymphoniePRO Desktop Application’s update feature or via the download page on our website. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to members of our sales or technical services teams with questions.