May 15, 2017

We are excited to share the latest version of software for the SymphoniePRO Data Logger. This release, version 3.0, introduces exciting new functionality as well as performance improvements. Below are some of the highlights:

Utility Enhancements

Like POPAuto, which was included in SymphoniePRO Desktop Application version 2.0, version 3.0 of SymphoniePRO Desktop now installs a similar productivity-boosting lightweight utility called OutAuto. OutAuto can be used to extract hundreds of raw logger data files from your Microsoft Outlook email client in just seconds. This utility was previously available with older Symphonie series loggers (*.RWD files) and has now been updated to be compatible with SymphoniePRO’s *.RLD files. OutAuto is available through the utilities folder installed with SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (C:\Users\...\Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\Utilities). 

Also new to version 3.0 is support for both OutAuto and POPAuto via the command line, making it possible to integrate these utilities into automated data processing workflows. See ‘Appendix O | SymphoniePRO Desktop Utilities’ in the SymphoniePRO User’s Manual for more details. 

pic1 v. OutAuto






pic2 v. OutAuto diagram

pic3 v. Delete DataDelete Internal Measurement Data (Use with Caution!!)

In response to requests from developers who operate measurement assets in particularly theft-prone areas, the latest version of SymphoniePRO Desktop Application includes an advance mode that allows a user to manually and remotely delete measurement data from the internal memory on a SymphoniePRO Data Logger. Note: This action is permanent and should only be considered once you have retrieved all data from the logger and safely stored it in your preferred location. 

SymphoniePRO-16 Support

As a sneak peek to the soon-to-be-released 16-channel version of SymphoniePRO, version 3.0 of SymphoniePRO Desktop allows you to toggle between 26-channel and 16-channel wiring panels in the channel configuration tab, displaying only the relevant channels to be configured for the selected wiring panel. Note: Selecting the 16-channel version will automatically turn OFF any channels not available through that wiring panel. 

pic4 v. 16 Ch Selector
Customizing Measurements Exports via *.NEC Files

With version 3.0, it is now possible to (partially) customize the Measurements export type using NRG Export Configuration (*.NEC) files. How it works:

  • pic5 v. NEC fileThe installation of SymphoniePRO Desktop Application version 3.0 includes a new folder titled “NEC” (C:\Users\...\ Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\NEC).  
  • Saving a valid *.NEC file to this folder enables an option when exporting Measurements data from SymphoniePRO Desktop to follow the user-defined formatting contained in that file. 

The current implementation allows the user to suppress 3-second gust statistics from the Measurements export type. A more detailed explanation can be found in Appendix P of the user manual, titled “NRG Export Configuration (NEC).” Future expansion of this feature is planned to enable further customization.

pic6 v. NEC export dialog