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A customer training at NRG's headquarters.

This May, NRG Systems launched its NRGConnected campaign at AWEA WINDPOWER in Chicago. Our goal was to celebrate the valuable relationships we share with our customers and to highlight the NRG products that help users connect to their wind and solar projects.

In developing this campaign, we reached out to our partners across the globe, including dealers, developers, and installers. We asked them to describe their experiences working with the NRG team as well as NRG products, and we were thoroughly heartened by their responses.

Some partners talked about how their strong relationship with NRG has a trickle-down effect that ultimately benefits their own customers. Mauricio Trujillo of Climatik in Mexico said, “Technology from NRG Systems helps us connect our stakeholders with valuable data from their wind and solar sites in Mexico, which leads to favorable financing and increased profitability.” Others praised NRG’s Technical Services team and the great lengths its members go to so that product users are set up for success. “[NRG’s] Technical Support team is top notch,” said Peter Castro, VP - General Manager at Coastal Renewable Energy Technology Center in the Philippines. “To provide such a high-quality level of service from the other side of the world, regardless of the complexity of the question, makes them superior.”

Thanks to our close relationships with our partners, we are able to conceptualize, test, and introduce new products and services that fulfill our industry’s ever-changing needs. For instance, as the demand for taller hub height measurements continues, we decided to develop a solution that pairs an NRG tilt-up tower with a Windcube Vertical Profiler, making resource assessment campaigns easier than ever. Our forthcoming Bat Deterrent System is another offering that has been significantly informed by our customers.

As we move forward, we promise to keep designing smart technologies with you in mind.

Want to connect with NRG Systems? Contact our knowledgeable sales team at sales@nrgsystems.com.

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