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For nearly 10 years, Renewable Parts, a UK-based supply chain and refurbishment specialist, has been working to improve sustainability in the wind industry. Focusing on circular economy best practices and effective supply chain, the company helps asset owners and operators reduce their carbon footprint and lower costs by assisting with supply chain management, providing refurbished turbine parts, and helping customers source a wide range of supplies to enable low carbon turbine management and maximize turbine uptime.

NRG Systems is pleased to have had Renewable Parts as a member of our Global Dealer Network for nearly two years. The company currently offers our full range of Turbine Control Solutions to customers across the UK. Mario López, NRG’s Senior Territory Manager for EMEA, said, “We are extremely excited about our collaboration with Renewable Parts. NRG has actively participated in the development of the renewable energy business in the UK for decades and this partnership allows us to keep growing our business, ensuring the best possible customer response and satisfaction.”

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Renewable Parts' new refurbishment facility being built in early 2021 as they grow their investment in the wind industry.

We caught up with Matthew Chapman, Marketing Manager for Renewable Parts, to discuss the company’s pioneering sustainability work, their role as an NRG dealer, and more.

NRG Systems (NRG): Renewable Parts is doing important work to increase sustainability in the wind sector. Can you tell us about this?

Matthew Chapman (MC): We are working with our customers to create a greener green industry; we all know that renewable energy is a great carbon-reducing energy source but there are still struggles in the operation and maintenance side of the business. This is where the work of our refurbishment center is introduced; the team there is creating a refurbished and remanufactured supply chain in the UK to enable renewable energy to continue to drive down carbon emissions and landfill waste. Because of this work, we have recently been awarded the Scottish Green Energy Award for Carbon Reduction and enabled the diversion of around 50 tonnes of material from scrap and waste over the past 12 months. In September we also announced the construction of our brand-new Refurbishment and Innovation Centre, based in Lochgilphead, which is 4 times the size of our current center and will help us create new methods of refurbishment and remanufacture for more turbines and other methods of energy production.

NRG: How does your parts and supply service dovetail with this work?

MC: They constantly work together. As part of our refurbishment work, we regularly reclaim turbine components from our customers and from partners across the industry to create a continual supply chain of refurbished and remanufactured parts. This unique part of our offering enables us to give customers the choice upfront in their purchasing chain to look at sustainable options. All the components that we refurbish are offered alongside their new counterparts. They also come with like-new warranties, showing our commitment and confidence in refurbished parts.

NRG: As an NRG dealer, what excites you most about offering our products? What advantages are you hoping to gain?

MC: We really think NRG is a forward-thinking business that is looking to the future of the renewables industry and that really fits well with what we are trying to do. NRG Systems' products are used consistently through many turbines across the UK and Europe, meaning the brand is well known to many of our customers and prospects across the continent and we think this will help us build further confidence in our knowledge and expertise in the wind and renewable energy industries.

NRG: What are your long-term goals for the partnership between Renewable Parts and NRG?

MC: For us, this is just the start of the partnership between NRG and Renewable Parts. We are always looking at how we can broaden our offerings to our customers and NRG has a wide range of products to help us do that.

NRG: What would you say to a company thinking about becoming an NRG dealer?

MC: We think partnerships are one of the keys to business growth and that anyone who is thinking of partnering should. NRG, throughout the partnership, has been supportive and helpful working with us as much as they can to ensure our team is fully knowledgeable in the subject.

Renewable Parts’ pioneering work has resulted in multiple solutions for the most installed wind turbine brands from leading manufacturers, including Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Senvion, Nordex, and GE. Visit renewable-parts.com or contact info@renewable-parts.com to learn more.

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