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Matthew Cumberworth Jr. C.E.R

Matthew Cumberworth Jr., C.E.R.'s Operations Manager.

For more than 15 years, Clean Energy Renewables (C.E.R.) has provided met tower installation and repair services to the wind industry’s top developers. During that time, the Illinois-based company has installed, decommissioned, and maintained over 7,000 towers, ranging in height from 60m to 100m.

C.E.R. joined NRG’s global dealer network nearly four years ago and has extensive experience with our Wind Resource Assessment product line. “We work with several types of tower systems in the industry and can put faith and trust in NRG’s tower systems for several reasons,” says Matthew Cumberworth Jr., C.E.R.’s Operations Manager. “NRG’s towers and equipment, including their gin poles, sensors, booms, and guyed wires, are durable, well-constructed, and effective. When used in accordance with their specifications and timeframe, NRG’s tower systems can withstand adverse weather, are easily transported, and are ultimately safe. I have no worries sending my field techs (who are highly trained in all aspects of met tower construction) to a site with NRG equipment because of the ease with how well the structures come together in a ‘plug and play’ fashion. Additionally, remote connectivity is key these days, so their logger systems are efficient and in line with what I typically see with other loggers,” he adds.  

NRG designed its pioneering, turnkey wind resource assessment system to include exemplary customer support. According to Cumberworth, this is another distinct advantage of working with NRG. “Their fantastic sales and tech support teams have a quick response time, short lead times, and are always on the case when they are needed,” he says.

To learn more about NRG’s Wind Resource Assessment offerings, please contact us at or click here.

To learn more about Clean Energy Renewables, please visit their website.

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