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NRG Systems recently announced the release of NRG Cloud Version 2022.3. This marks the third major release of 2022, and carries with it a host of new features and capabilities on the web platform, including:

These updates are explored in greater detail below.

ZX 300 and ZX 300M Lidar Integration

NRG Cloud sites for ZX 300 Wind Lidars can now be added. NRG Systems worked closely with our colleagues at ZX Lidars to create the best possible experience for ZX 300 users. The Site Summary page for ZX 300 includes plots for:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Vertical wind speed
  • Wind rose
  • Met sensor readings
  • Diagnostics

Timeline features, events, and data import/export features are supported as well.

ZX 300 Lidar Summary Page

Data Logger Redeployment and Multiple Site Data Loggers

SymphoniePRO Data Loggers and ZX 300 Wind Lidars (which we will refer to as data loggers in this instance) may now be used across multiple NRG Cloud sites. Previously, data loggers could only be associated with a single NRG Cloud site. The loggers and lidars in existing sites should be updated with start and end dates through the Timeline view, then new sites can be created in NRG Cloud with data files outside the existing dates.

NRG Cloud now supports data logger redeployment

NRG Cloud now supports scenarios where loggers are changed at a site. When a data logger must be swapped out due to something like a lightning strike, or when a ZX 300 is cycled out for scheduled maintenance, the replacement logger may be added via the Site Configuration page in NRG Cloud. This helps ensure a smooth transition and in turn more consistent data collection while you are navigating changes to your fielded equipment.

Add data logger dialog

Site with two data loggers

Updated Wind Rose Plots

Site Summary wind rose plots for wind sites now follow the standard of other NRG software projects. These new plots provide an improved overview of site wind conditions as well as additional data filters: height and wind speed bin.

Wind rose plot

Site Enhancements and Bug Fixes

There are several adjustments and bug fixes that are included in this release. Many changes were requested by our fantastic user base (thank you!) such as:

  • Allow users to change email addresses
  • Cycle API client secrets
  • Move Data Management features to pop-up screens
  • Better tooltip text
What is Next?

Our development team is already hard at work on the next release. We look forward to adding new capabilities and features to the NRG Cloud platform, and to hearing your ideas on how we can make NRG Cloud work better for you! Questions or suggestions? Contact our team at today.

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