June 4, 2015 | by NRG Team Voices | Engineering + Technology, Wind Plant Optimization

white paper wind iris operational applications

The nacelle-mounted Wind Iris Lidar is one of the most intriguing new technologies in the wind industry. But what, exactly, can it do? Our latest white paper tackles the most common applications for this cutting-edge product. Download it now.

White Paper: Wind Iris Operational Applications

Many operators understand that the Wind Iris nacelle-mounted Lidar is ideal for detecting turbine yaw misalignment, which can be a very profitable application on its own. However, there are several more uses that take advantage of the Wind Iris’s ability to measure the free stream wind up to 400 m in front of the wind turbine. Our new white paper covers several valuable applications using real data from the field, including:

  • Yaw misalignment correction
  • Operational power curve
  • Anemometer nacelle transfer function (NTF)
  • Wind sector management

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