May 25, 2016 | Engineering + Technology, Solar Resource Measurement, Wind Resource Assessment

We're excited to share the latest version of both software (SW) and firmware (FW) for our newest data logger, SymphoniePRO®. This release introduces exciting functionality including compatibility with our SCADA communications module, iPackACCESS, as well as a new satellite communications option and various feature and performance improvements in SymphoniePRO Desktop Application. Below are some of the highlights.

iPackACCESS Compatibility

iPackACCESS webSymphonie iPackACCESS is our existing communications module for integration with SCADA systems via Modbus TCP. With the new SymphoniePRO data logger FW (v.2.0.0) and iPackACCESS for SymphoniePRO FW (v.2.0.0), iPackACCESS is now compatible with SymphoniePRO. This allows SymphoniePRO to be used in SCADA system applications requiring real-time 1 Hz data acquisition, which means SCADA users can take advantage of standard SymphoniePRO functionality such as remote MetLink connection capability and optional storage of all 1 Hz sample data.The addition of iPackACCESS to SymphoniePRO’s line of communication accessories extends the range of applications and useful life of this data logger into the operations phase of renewable energy projects.

MODBUS Demo Client Upgraded

modbusIn addition to the updates to iPackACCESS mentioned above, we have upgraded our Modbus Demo Client utility, which is now included in the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application installation package (C:\Users\...\Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\Utilities). This lightweight utility can run off of a USB drive and be used at various points in your network to troubleshoot and establish the proper connectivity of your logger/iPack system. This new version is compatible with both SymphoniePRO and SymphoniePLUS3 data loggers using iPackACCESS modules.

New Satellite Communication Option: Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M

Also new with this release is the addition of a satellite communications platform to the SymphoniePRO line, namely Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M Satellite Terminal. With increased data transfer speeds and significantly reduced service costs compared to our existing satellite communications platform, Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M Satellite service proved to be the perfect match for the advanced features and capabilities of the SymphoniePRO Data Logger.

As part of the iPackACCESS integration effort and in order to facilitate this new satellite option, iPackACCESS has been modified to include a “power out” terminal and a second 12 V, 2.2 Ah battery. In addition to bolstering iPackACCESS’s ability to power the logger system in SCADA applications during power outages, this modification allows you to connect an Inmarsat BGAN M2M Satellite Terminal to the iPackACCESS for remote, off-grid applications where cellular communications are either unavailable or unreliable. V.2.0.0 logger firmware and iPackACCESS firmware allow these instruments to operate in “BGAN M2M” mode, which enable smart-switching of the iPack’s new power out capability.

Utilizing the same industry-leading communications management system, WindLinx, users can easily manage their BGAN M2M iPacks in the same way as existing WindLinx satellite and cellular connections. We expect this to be a particularly popular option in areas where cellular technology has been turbulent, as well as in emerging renewables markets that may be coincident with relatively nascent or spotty cellular networks.

Software Updates

software updateV.2.0 of SymphoniePRO Desktop Application, in addition to configuration capabilities for the communications accessories described above, includes:

  • POPAuto, a small utility for the automatic download and import of *.RLD files from your email server, was previously available with older Symphonie series loggers and has now been updated to be compatible with SymphoniePRO’s raw logger data files. POPAuto is available through the installation of this new version of SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (C:\Users\...\Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\Utilities).
  • Configuration caching: SymphoniePRO Desktop Application now automatically caches instrument configuration information upon the first connection to a set of equipment. This allows you to visit the “Instruments” area of the application without an active connection to see how your logger was configured as of the last connection. These data are time-stamped and updated upon subsequent connections.
  • QuickView has been updated with various usability improvements and the option to show additional channel details (i.e., sensor height and boom bearing).
  • Various other performance and usability enhancements have been implemented, as well as some bug fixes.

While this release marks an exciting milestone, we have more in store in 2016, so please let us know if there is a new feature you are really hoping for. As always, contact sales ( or technical services ( to learn more.