February 25, 2016 | Engineering + Technology, Wind Plant Optimization

allete energy hybrid xt turbine control sensor We've developed several retrofit solutions for our Hybrid XT sensors, including kits for Mitsubishi, GE, Gamesa, and Siemens turbines.

RNRG’s product development team is always looking for ways to make customers’ lives easier. Our favorite type of design challenge is when we we get to collaborate directly with customers to solve an immediate issue.

We recently embarked on such a project with our friends at ALLETE Clean Energy. The stock turbine control sensors on their Mitsubishi 600kW turbines weren’t cutting it: they were experiencing reliability issues coupled with long lead times. Dan Cathcart, lead technician at ALLETE’s Condon Wind, estimates that this was contributing to 30 turbine-days of downtime annually.

After several technical conference calls and many email exchanges, RNRG knew what sensor output the turbine controller required, the mechanical mounting solution that needed to be fabricated, and how it could route and connect the cabling. We engineered a prototype retrofit solution, shipped it to ALLETE, and provided remote installation support. With ALLETE’s feedback, we made small improvements and the new product (Hybrid XT Retrofit Kits | Mitsubishi) was born.

"The Hybrid XT solution helps with cost savings for me on multiple levels,” Dan said after the installation.“The RNRG team has been extremely helpful and easy to work with. I am truly excited that I can get quality, reliable replacement components for my turbines that are made right here in the United States."

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