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ZX Opening Tech Support 21In 2018, ZephIR Lidar became ZX Lidars. This shift represented much more than a rebrand for the UK-based company, which provides a range of industry-leading wind Lidar products. In addition to a new name and logo, ZX harnessed its 10+ years of experience to create a Lidar “platform.” This holistic solution can be tailored to a variety of applications and customer needs, all based on the core, proven and accepted Lidar technology the company has championed since its inception in 2007.

When NRG Systems started selling and supporting ZX Lidars in North America in March 2019, we noticed that many of our customers were not aware of these substantial developments. For example, as part of this roll out, ZX Lidars introduced the ZX 300 – a mid-life upgrade of the company’s well-established ZephIR 300 wind Lidar. While the core wind Lidar system design remains unchanged, ZX 300 features:

  • Modernized internal components
  • Improved signal processing algorithms
  • Real-time, quality-controlled 1-second data
  • IEC classification for bankability
  • Further advancement in wind speed accuracy
  • Refreshed user interface
  • Five-year service period

Like ZephIR 300, ZX 300 is regarded as Stage 3 in DNV GL’s assessment of the maturity of the Remote Sensing Devices.

Want to talk about these changes in more detail? Please contact Thomas Lattanzio, NRG’s Sales Manager for the Americas, at tll@nrgsystems.com.

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