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NRG Systems believes that participating in the towns where we live and work is key to building a better business and world. We encourage all employees to be active members in our community, a goal that has benefited greatly from support from the ESCO Foundation – the philanthropic arm of our parent company, ESCO Technologies.

The ESCO Foundation strives to engage all employees of ESCO-owned companies, including NRG, in philanthropy. One way the ESCO Foundation achieves this is through their Fast Track program, which provides funds to organizations that employees are involved in and find meaningful.

Below are some of the NRG employees who have utilized the Fast Track program to make a difference in their community this year:



Dave Rivers (standing on right) presents Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing with its Fast Track funds.

Community Champion: Dave Rivers

Department: Production  

Charity: Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF), a nation-wide nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities.  

Background: Dave began working with Healing Waters three years ago. “Honoring veterans once a year on Veteran’s Day didn’t seem to be enough,” he said. “This is a way for me to thank them for their service.” Dave mostly volunteers in the winter, teaching veterans to tie flies and build fly rods. He added, “All of these veterans have some form of disability, whether it be physical or emotional. I felt that I could use a skill that I already have, to help them find ways to keep their mind off things.  Many of them have become passionate tyers and rod builders, as well as fisher-folks.” The money provided by the ESCO Foundation’s Fast Track donation accounts for about 10% of the Green Mountain Chapter of PHWFF’s annual budget and has been used to facilitate fishing trips for the veterans and acquire materials for projects.

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Safety netting being installed at Cochran's Ski Area.

Community Champion: Henry Bush

Department: Engineering

Charity: Cochran’s Ski Area, a nonprofit located in Richmond, Vermont, that provides area youth and families with affordable skiing and snowboarding, lessons, and race training. 

Background: Henry began volunteering as a coach at Cochran’s Ski Area six years ago, around the time his children started to participate in ski racing. “I had a lot of free time on the hill while my kids were at ski practice,” said Henry. “I decided to take advantage of it and started helping out in any way possible. In the summer of 2018 I joined the Cochran’s Ski Club board as quartermaster and am now responsible for managing and repairing race gates and other equipment.” The Fast Track grant helped Cochran’s Ski Area buy safety equipment, including tower pads and B-net, to accommodate a recent trail expansion.



Kim makes signs for a car wash benefiting Mountains to Mountains.

Community Champion: Kim Dinh

Department: Quality

Charity: Mountains to Mountains Ministries, a Vermont-based organization dedicated to bringing stability to Jerusalem Children's Home orphanage, and the surrounding community of Bombardopolis, Haiti.

Background: Kim has been working with Mountains to Mountains for the past six months. She was initially drawn to the nonprofit because of its dedication to helping those in need. Kim added, “In addition to the tangible things we give to the community, we also teach them how to live more sustainably by utilizing renewable and reusable resources.” The funds provided by the Fast Track program have helped Mountains to Mountains continue their efforts to create a stable environment in Bombardopolis and at Jerusalem Children’s Home.    




STEAM Vermont campers on a hike.

Community Champion: Pearse Corcoran

Department: Technical Services

Charity: STEAM Vermont, a summer camp intended to engage young minds and bodies with the natural world and with each other in creative and exciting opportunities to learn, develop skills, and have fun in a supportive community.

Background: Pearse’s brother Liam co-founded STEAM in 2018. After a successful first year, the camp hoped to grow its program to attract more campers. “In talking to my brother, it became clear that more funding would allow the camp to offer scholarships to help subsidize the cost of camp for a handful of kids,” said Pearse. After learning about the Fast Track program, Pearse decided it was the perfect opportunity to help make an impact. “The ESCO Foundation and NRG have helped STEAM Vermont get closer to their fundraising goal and have even helped a number of kids go to this really unique camp this summer,” Pearse added.


For more information about NRG Systems’ philanthropic efforts, please visit the Community section of our website.  

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