October 14, 2016 | Engineering + Technology, Wind Plant Optimization

Goal Post WebWe are happy to introduce a new goalpost mounting solution for installing redundant class 1 anemometers. This new boom, designed specifically for use with our 80m XHD TallTower, positions anemometer cups at exactly 80 m above ground level—2.5 m away from each other—and 1.99 m above the horizontal arm of the boom. This configuration complies with guidelines provided in Annex G of the IEC 61400-12-1:2005 standard when installed on a RNRG 80m XHD TallTower—a solution that is well-suited for conducting power performance tests at operating wind farms. For more information, including full dimensions, please visit our product page: Mounting Boom | Goalpost

Originally developed to enable higher measurements during pre-construction resource assessment campaigns, the 80m XHD TallTower has been used increasingly for power performance testing at numerous North American wind farms. These tests are performed soon after a project becomes operational to confirm turbine performance, and throughout the life of the wind farm to track a project’s longer term health. RNRG’s tubular tilt-up towers, including the 80m XHD TallTower, have become a top choice for power performance testing as they allow companies to gather reliable data without having to install a permanent met tower. Because no permanent foundations or long-term permitting is needed, these towers reduce the overall cost of the test and allow for short lead times (typically less than a week). The towers also come in an efficient and portable package, offering more logistical flexibility for wind farm developers and operators working in remote locations.

The significant benefits of using a RNRG 80m XHD TallTower for power performance testing has led to requests from our customers for an optimized power performance tower and boom combination. Equipment used specifically for contractual power performance testing must meet the requirements defined by the IEC 61400-12-1:2005 Standard, which states that the top level anemometer be mounted with no other instruments or equipment nearby in order to minimize flow distortions and achieve the lowest possible measurement uncertainty.

With our customers’ needs at the forefront, RNRG has developed a complete tower and boom solution tailored for power performance testing. The goalpost mounting solution achieves full IEC compliance when used with our 80m XHD TallTower and standard 2.4m Side Mount Booms, and will help our customers meet their demands for additional testing in a cost-effective way, without adding uncertainty to their data, for years to come.