January 31, 2019 | Press Releases

Hinesburg, VT, USA – NRG Systems, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of smart technologies for a range of wind, solar, and meteorological applications, will collaborate with Eco-Tech Consultants to offer bat exclusion services on bridges managed by state department of transportation (DOT) agencies. The solution, which centers on NRG Systems’ ultrasonic acoustic Bat Deterrent System, is more effective and easier to implement than existing bat exclusion techniques.

Originally developed for the wind energy sector, NRG’s Bat Deterrent System keeps bats out of dangerous airspaces by “jamming” their echolocation capabilities, which they rely on for orienting, foraging, and communication. Brogan Morton, Senior Product Manager at NRG Systems, said “We hypothesized that this technology could be a useful tool for industries outside of wind, but displacing bats roosting in bridges to allow for safe, cost effective repairs wasn’t on our radar until Eco-Tech approached us.”

At the time, Eco-Tech, an ecological consulting firm specializing in biological assessment and ecosystem analysis, was working on a bridge exclusion solution for the Georgia Department of Transportation. According to Lee Droppelman, President/Principal Scientist at Eco-Tech, “Bats often roost in bridge joints and recesses, which is particularly problematic when these structures are in need of repair. When the Georgia DOT came to us, we did extensive research and carried out several material tests, but everything we tried required a lot of hands-on time or was not as effective as we had hoped.” After hearing about the testing of NRG’s Bat Deterrent System in the wind industry, Eco-Tech reached out to NRG and proceeded to carry out three successful pilot projects for the Georgia DOT using NRG’s Bat Deterrent System.

“This was really important work in terms of finding an efficient and effective solution to minimize bat take at bridges, while expanding bridge construction windows,” said Droppelman. “We look forward to teaming up with NRG Systems and continuing to protect bats with their Bat Deterrent System.” Morton added, “This has been a very exciting strategic collaboration for NRG and we’re grateful that we have been presented with this opportunity. The scope of this technology’s potential is vast and we are really relying on company’s like Eco-Tech to help us bring it to different markets that experience their own unique challenges with bat conservation.”

For more information, please contact NRG Systems at sales@nrgsystems.com.


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