December 6, 2017 | Press Releases

NRG Systems and Lasser Eolica Commemorate their Partnership at WindEurope 2017.

Gregory Erdmann, NRG Systems’ VP, Global Sales, and Francisco Torres, Lasser Eólica’s CEO, commemorate their new partnership at WindEurope 2017 in Amsterdam.

Hinesburg, VT, U.S. – December 6, 2017:

U.S.-based NRG Systems announced today that Lasser Eólica has joined its global network of service partners and dealers. Based in Spain, Lasser Eólica engineers, installs, and maintains met tower systems across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

NRG Systems, which has been a major force in the wind resource assessment industry for over 35 years, is best known for its turnkey tubular tilt-up towers. However, as wind turbines continue to grow in scale, so does the demand for lattice tower systems, which excel at capturing hub height measurements greater than 80 meters, when tubular towers are not an option.

Thanks to NRG’s partnership with Lasser Eólica, the company is now able to offer complete lattice tower solutions to customers in regions where this method of wind resource assessment is preferred. These systems include a Lasser Eólica-manufactured lattice tower as well as NRG sensors and data logger. Lasser will provide project support from development through operation for lattice tower systems, as well as installation support for NRG tubular tower systems in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Gregory Erdmann, NRG System’s VP, Global Sales, said, “This partnership brings together two of the most successful and experienced teams in the industry. Partnering with Lasser Eólica is a very important step for NRG Systems, as it allows us to extend our complete system offerings. We are thrilled to be able to provide customers with entirely turnkey solutions for resource assessment campaigns, no matter where they are.”

Francisco Torres, Lasser Eólica’s CEO, added, “We are excited to be teaming up with a company like NRG Systems that continues to be on the leading edge of the global wind resource assessment industry. It is an honor to work together to satisfy the evolving needs of this growing and profoundly important sector.”

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Lasser Eólica provides wind energy solutions. The company’s integrated approach to project development includes the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of wind measurement towers, using the latest technology and highly specialized equipment. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Lasser Eólica helps develop successful projects across the globe. The company is a division of Grupo Lasser, whose areas of expertise span a variety of industries, including installation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities, security, air conditioning, networks, electricity, fire protection, and automatic doors. For more information, visit