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What Data Format Does SymphoniePRO Use?

SymphoniePRO data files are a different format from all previous Symphonie series data loggers’ data files: rld. This format includes raw measurement data and diagnostic data:

  1. Communication logs
  2. Diagnostic information
  3. Event logs

Files are named using the following structure: SSSSSS_YYYY-MM-DD_HH.mm_FFFFFF.rld

S = 6 digit site number

Y = 4 digit year

M = 2 digit month

D = 2 digit day

H = 2 digit hour

m = 2 digit minute

F = file number

rld = SymphoniePRO raw data file extension

As files are stored on the installed SD card, they are put into folders based on file number.

Files from Symphonie Data Loggers must be read using the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application. This is freely available from the NRG Systems website:

For more information, please see the SymphoniePRO Data Logger manual:

Download Calibration Reports

Our Calibration Report Retriever Tool is a comprehensive database of reports for the following products:

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