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SD Card | 2GB for SymphoniePRO

This 2 GB SD card is designed for use with SymphoniePRO data loggers configured to collect large amounts of data.

  • SD Card | 2GB for SymphoniePRO

Configuration Options

Non-volatile, industry standard Flash technology ensures that your valuable data cannot be accidentally erased, disrupted, or altered. Recommended over commercially available memory cards, NRG’s SD cards are industrial-rated for operation across the data logger’s full temperature range.

Use this 2 GB SD card when using the SymphoniePRO data logger with 1 Hz sample data storage enabled on one or more channels. For typical wind and solar resource applications, and when 1 Hz sample data storage is not planned, the 512 MB SD card provides ample storage.

A protective plastic case is provided to safely transport the SD Card.

Note: This SD card is for use only with SymphoniePRO data loggers and is not compatible with older Symphonie series data loggers.

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