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Recommended Cleaning Method for Pyranometers

We recommend the following method for cleaning a pyranometer dome: 

Step 1: Use a spray bottle filled with distilled water to vigorously spray the dome to wash away any particulates from the dome surface.

Step 2: If there is any hardened particulate stuck to the dome surface (e.g. bird droppings), spray with distilled water and then cover with a moist/damp paper towel for five minutes to loosen the hardened particulate, then spray vigorously again with distilled water to wash away the contaminant.

Step 3: Use a clean lens wipe to remove any remaining contaminants on the dome surface. Note: Discard the lens wipe after each use. Do not use it to clean another dome (one lens wipe per dome).

Step 4: This step is optional, but if you have a clean microfiber cloth, you can do a final polish of the dome once it has been cleaned with the lens wipe in Step 3.

*Cleaning recommendations courtesy of Robert Dolce, Managing Director, HuksefluxUSA Inc.

Download Calibration Reports

Our Calibration Report Retriever Tool is a comprehensive database of reports for the following products:

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HybridXT Anemometer + Vane
PVT1 PV Temperature Sensor
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R1 Pyranometer
RH5X Relative Humidity Sensor
Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer
WindSensor P2546-OPR Anemometer

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