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Lidar Power Supply | Moderate Climate, PV, Trailer

Provide reliable remote power to your Lidar with NRG’s trailer-mounted, solar photovoltaic-based power supply.

  • Lidar Power Supply | Moderate Climate, PV, Trailer
  • Lidar Power Supply | Moderate Climate, PV, Trailer
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The Moderate Climate PV Trailer is a PV-based, trailer-mounted power supply designed by NRG to provide power to a Lidar at sites with moderate solar resource. Economical, portable, and consistent, this solution simplifies Lidar deployments by providing reliable power at many locations in the continental United States.

Outfitted with over 1KW of PV capacity and 600Ah of battery capacity, the Moderate Climate PV Trailer is designed to keep your Lidar operating autonomously throughout the year without interruption.

Rental options are available for this product. Contact to learn more.

Item No.


PV Capacity

Battery Capacity


ZX 300

1,360W Peak

600Ah @ 24V


PV Modules


Number of Panels


Total and Per Panel Capacity

1,360W (4 panels at 345W each)

Racking System Description

Aluminum hinged frame deployable to 28, 40, and 52 degrees from horizontal. Can be folded 90 degrees alongside of trailer for short transport.

Panel Storage

Provisions for storing frame, panels, and Lidar inside for transport.



8G30H sealed-gelled lead-acid

Total and Per Battery Capacity

600Ah @ 24V total capacity (12 batteries at 100Ah @ 12V each)

Storage System Description

Two (2) floor-mounted battery boxes (4 battery & 8 battery)

Weight and Dimensions

Approx. 1,000lbs (batteries and boxes)

Charge Controller


Morningstar PS-30M (30amp with monitor)

Electrical Cabinet

Internal wall-mounted 20” x 20” electrical enclosure with charge controller, monitoring board, and disconnect/breakers. Three (3) load breakers for 24V (10amp, 5amp, & 5amp).

Lidar Deployment


Outside trailer, mounted to trailer tongue. Steel fold down, shielded on sides, mesh floor. Includes power cord outlet.



Approx. 2,500lbs

Overall Length


Overall Height


Overall Width


Interior Length


Interior Height


Interior Width



Single, 2,990lb


Tongue jack, two extendable side jacks, and rear adjustable support posts


Four (4) 4” screw-in anchors and cabling provided


Deployment tools included

Shipping Arrangement Description

Typically delivered on flatbed


  • Near 100% Vertical Profiler annual uptime at many locations in the continental United States
  • Approximately 5 days of full operational autonomy in total absence of sunlight in moderate climates
  • Deployable by 2 people in flat, stable terrain
  • Safe and reliable to transport on public roads over long distances
  • Flexible mounting for PV array
  • Remote monitoring of battery voltage and other key characteristics 
  • Trailer enclosure sealed against intruders, with housing for PV panels, batteries, and hardware for safe and secure travel

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.