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Wind speed-readings are zero

If wind-speed readings are zero:

  • Check all the sensor connections. Be sure that the sensor is connected with the proper polarity.
  • Check that all wires are intact. Resistance across the anemometer should be approximately 600 to 700 ohms (if not spinning). A spinning anemometer will read approximately 1 - 2 volts peak-to-peak AC at 25 mph.


Download Calibration Reports

Our Calibration Report Retriever Tool is a comprehensive database of reports for the following products:

NRG Anemometers
110S Temperature Sensor
200M Wind Vane
200P Wind Vane
BP20 Barometric Pressure Sensor
BP60 + BP60C Barometric Pressure Sensor
HybridMC Anemometer + Vane
HybridXT Anemometer + Vane
PVT1 PV Temperature Sensor
T60 + T60C Temperature Sensor
R1 Pyranometer
RH5X Relative Humidity Sensor
Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer
WindSensor P2546-OPR Anemometer

Tech Support

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