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Tips for Disassembling an NRG TallTower

Once you have successfully lowered your NRG TallTower (see TallTower manual), you may find the following tips / methods useful for disassembling the tower tubes:

  • Work from top to bottom on the tower, one tube at a time.
  • Raise the tube to remove off the ground and support it with blocking just below the joint.
  • Apply force up and down and back and forth to break loose any firm bond that may have formed. Often a crack or pop sound/sensation will be noticed.

Two people working together, one shaking the tube as described above and one pulling, should be able to remove it. The first inch or two are the most difficult. Progress can be gauged by the gradual exposure of overlap, easily visible due to the different appearance.

On occasion, we have found shock blows to the joint to be helpful if it is badly stuck. A heavy rubber or plastic mallet or a club made from a chunk of hardwood on site work well, but the tube must not be dented or deformed or it will have to be cut apart. Working up and down and around the joint, strike it repeatedly while shaking and pulling until it begins to move.

On rare occasions when significant self flaring has occurred, it is necessary to slice the outer tube at the joint with an angle grinder and abrasive wheel.

Download Calibration Reports

Our Calibration Report Retriever Tool is a comprehensive database of reports for the following products:

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