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Testing a BP-20 pressure sensor

Tools Required:

  • 7 V DC to 35 V DC source (12 V nominal, battery recommended)
  • Digital Voltmeter (DVM) set to 20 V DC scale


  • Disconnect BP-20 from logger
  • Connect DC supply (-) to black wire
  • Connect DC supply (+) to red wire
  • Set DVM to 20 V DC scale
  • Connect DVM (-) to black wire
  • Connect DVM (+) to white wire (Note: older units have a both a green wire and white wire.  In this case, use the green wire.)

Measure and record output voltage on white wire (typically near 4 Volts)...

To determine the absolute pressure as reported by the BP-20 use the following:
                                         kPa = (21.79 x Vout) + 10.55
Performance Comparison:

  • Check this value against the logger display to confirm scale is correct.
  • Check this value against another barometer to confirm reading is correct.

Note: BP-20 should draw about 8 mA of current


BP-20 voltage output is measured to be 4.123 V DC...
kPa = (21.79 X 4.123) + 10.55
kPa = 100.4

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