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Can SymphoniePRO record the 1 second “sample-by-sample” data stream?

Yes. SymphoniePRO can store the individual “sample-by-sample” data in addition to the traditional statistical data. High-resolution data storage is especially useful for conducting advanced site suitability analyses which are required to determine the appropriate wind turbine model for a particular site. These data are also increasingly required to quantify “ramp events” when implementing utility-scale wind or solar projects on smaller grids. Collection of the 1 Hz sample data can be turned on or off per logger channel (it is generally considered not useful to collect 1-second temperature data, for example).

Turning on the 1 Hz sample data collection will use about 250 KB of data per day per enabled channel, and a 2 GB SD card is required. For example, if 1 Hz data were collected for two anemometers and one vane, the raw sample data size for the same one day period would be approximately 750 KB. Under this scenario, the daily file size would be ~795 KB (45 KB + 750 KB). If all channels are enabled, and 1 Hz sample data are collected for all channels, the internal memory will be filled in about 18 hours, and a 2 GB SD card will be filled after approximately 220 days. Also keep in mind that large files sizes translate into more data transferred via your iPack as well.

Please be sure to budget for any 1 Hz sample data collection in your wireless plan.

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